Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!


Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!
The ARC oil cooler comes with reliable AN fittings and steel braided hose.  Also included are cool adapters that screw into the stock housing and adapt the factory thread to AN.
Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!
Nice cooler!  The kit has mounts to bolt right to the factory locations.
Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!
Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!
The ARC core is slightly thicker and bigger.  Most of the cooling improvement comes from the internal core design.

To improve our oil cooling we also added an ARC oil cooler.  The ARC oil cooler fits with the efficient stock Evo ductwork.  It uses a slightly bigger core and is significantly thicker.  Internally the ARC oil cooler has turbulators and heat conductors to make the core much more efficient than the stock oil cooler.  It also uses bombproof AN fittings with adaptors for the stock oil cooler distribution block and braided steel lines to replace the stock rubber parts.

Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!
Radiator, oil cooler and intercooler. Wall to wall heat exchangers!

With our latest round of parts, our Evo is stronger and is just as solid as ever.  With our tune, we are getting a near zero knock count even on crappy California 91 octane fuel.  Our driveability is excellent with very little turbo lag, better than stock with the only compromise being a slightly rougher idle.  Stay tuned, in our next edition of Project Evo, we will install and tune an AEM water injection system to get even more power from pump gas safely.

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