Project EVO VIII Improving Braking and Cornering


To improve pedal feel, Goodridge supplied some of their braided steel brake lines.  The braided lines don’t balloon under pressure like the stock lines do, thus every bit of pedal travel goes to the calipers.  We were surprised how much difference these lines made.  The pedal feels rock solid like a real racecar, impressive considering the stock pedal feel was quite good as well.  It was quite a feelable difference.  The car’s ABS system seemed to like it as well, seemingly cycling faster with a higher resolution.  We don’t know if that’s true or not but our seat of the pants told us so.

Goodridege EVO XIII brake lines
Goodridge braided steel brake lines vastly improve pedal feel

Finally we replaced our stock Japanese fish oil brake fluid with Motul RBF 660 brake fluid.  Motul’s RBF formula is one of the best fluids, performing nearly as well or better as uber expensive exotic fluids like the legendary F-1 standard Castrol SRF and AP550.  Motuls dry boiling point is really 660 degrees F, amazing.  Motul works so well that our teams race cars need only bleed the brakes once a season, instead of the typical once a race.  Motul also resists absorbing moisture from the atmosphere better than most brake fluids so the high boiling point lasts longer than most fluids.

Motul fluids
We replaced all of the lubricants and fluids of our EVO with Motul high performance Synthetics

Our impressive stock brakes are now even more impressive.  We don’t think we will need to upgrade them further no matter how involved we get with this project.  A welcome change compared to most cars.  The EVO probably having some of the best stock brakes we have ever sampled.

Our world-class handling and braking EVO is now up into exotic stomping territory with our few simple mods.  To make it better, we have not sacrificed any of the day-to-day pleasantness of driving this car stock.  We have just taken it to a higher level without compromises.  In the next edition of Project EVO, we will be working on getting some power to back up our grip.

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Tomei Procams, valve springs, titanium retainers
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Underdrive pulley set, adjustable timing gears
Unorthodox Racing, Inc
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Cold Air Intake
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RE30 forged superlight wheels, Project Mu rotors and brake pads
Mackin Industries
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