Project F150: Part Three – Center Line Wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler Tires


There are two methods available; you either specify the rotational speed difference manually or type in the new circumference and let the computer sort it out. 


We dialed in another couple size parameters and got the speedo to agree with our GPS (65 MPH actual against an indicated 65 MPH).

While the EcoBoost F150 is a lot more fuel efficient than its V8 predecessors, it’s not exactly sipping fuel!  Still, some may wonder what the impact is to fuel efficiency. We don’t have that many miles on the new tires, but after one tank of fuel we’re looking at a 4% drop in fuel efficiency. We’ll keep an eye on things and note conditions, but that also seems about right to us. That’s one consideration for wheel and tire choice, but we don’t know many people that would be put off by a small drop in fuel efficiency.


We’re happy with the Center Line wheels and Nitto tires. It’s exactly the look we were after, and despite the weight difference, we haven’t noted any negative handling characteristics. The increased grip afforded by the wider Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts is surprisingly noticeable!  Nobody will drive this rig the way we handle our sports cars, but it is a nice boost in grip.

For our next installment, we’ll begin work on our suspension needs. Stay tuned to see how upgraded suspension changes our truck!



Center Line Wheels

Nitto Tire

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