Project FD RX7 Restomod: Part 17 – McLeod RST 13B Rotary Clutch Update

McLeod RST RXT Twin Disc Clutch for 13B Rotary and stock FD RX7 Transmission 1x23 splineMcLeod Racing now offers a complete line of twin-disc clutch options and pull-push throwout bearing conversion kits for the 1993+ Mazda “FD” RX-7 with the stock 1×23 spline transmission.

In Part 7, we covered the McLeod twin disc “RST” clutch that are using on our Project RX-7, and the benefits of its smooth engagement and silent operation, light pedal effort, an impressive 800 horsepower/torque rating.  However, at that time there was not a part number associated with the push-pull throwout bearing conversion kit required to adapt the pull-style FD transmission to the new push-style RST clutch.

McLeod 1400 Series Bearing for FD RX-7McLeod solved this problem by now offering their 1400 Series Hydraulic Bearing with a 1.310” Adjuster for the FD RX-7 (PN: 1400-22).

McLeod 1400 Series Bearing in FD RX-7 stock transmissionThis throwout bearing allows the use of the 1×23 spline twin disc McLeod RST and RXT clutches to the stock FD RX-7 transmission.

McLeod 1400 series bearing for FD RX-7 stock transmissionThe 1400 Series Hydraulic Bearing has two braided lines that exit the transmission though the port that use to contain the factory clutch fork arm and release bearing.  One line goes to the clutch master cylinder, while the other is used to bleed the throwout bearing.

McLeod RST twin disc organic clutch for 13B FD RX-7The McLeod RST clutch for the 1×23 spline Mazda RX-7’s stock transmission has a Part Number of: 6471225.

This twin disc organic clutch is capable of an impressive 800hp and provides smooth engagement and a light pedal feel.  This makes it arguably the best high-capacity clutch for the FD RX-7 that will be used on the street where drivability is important.

McLeod RXT Twin Disc Clutch for FD RX-7The McLeod RXT clutch for the 1×23 spline Mazda RX-7’s stock transmission has a Part Number of: 6471225M

This twin disc clutch has ceramic liners (pucks) that increase the power handling to 1,000hp while offering smooth engagement and a light pedal feel.  This clutch is designed to endure the stresses of repeated clutch drops on the drag strip, and can handle more abuse than the organic RST clutch discs.

We’ve daily driven this clutch on a Mustang for years and it offers far better performance and drivability than most aggressive clutches on the market for the FD RX-7, which often have really heavy and high pedal efforts, chatter, and have a ‘light switch’ engagement that is “on/off” in nature.  We are ecstatic that McLeod is now offers the RST and RXT clutches for the FD RX-7.

McLeod RXT1200 Clutch for FD RX-7McLeod also offers a RXT1200 clutch in the 1×26 spline configuration for Mazda RX-7’s with a T56 Magnum transmission.  This Part Number of: 6471207HD.

This twin disc clutch has ceramic liners (pucks) like the standard RXT clutch, but are differentiated by a red center plate and a heavier pressure plate.  This clutch is rated at 1,200hp and is designed for high horsepower street/strip use while still remaining street-able with smooth engagement and moderate pedal effort, from a stiffer pressure plate that has more holding capacity.

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