Project FD RX7 Restomod: Part 18 – Choosing a Transmission Upgrade

CD009 Transmission with bellhousing cut off for Fisch Racing Tech bellhousing adapterThe CD009 utilizes this front cover that is held on by 11 bolts and houses the clutch fork pivot and sleeve for the release bearing.

CD009 Transmission with bellhousing cut off and front cover removed for Fisch Racing Tech bellhousing adapterWith the front cover removed, we can see the input shaft bearing.  The Fisch Racing Tech bellhousing attaches to these 11 bolts.

Fisch Racing Tech Bellhousing ROTARY to CD009/CD00A Transmission vs stock CD009 BellhousingThe Fisch Racing Tech ROTARY to CD009/CD00A Adapter bellhousing is a little shorter than the stock CD009 bellhousing, and also includes the mount for the factory RX-7 (or RX-8 upgraded) starter motor.

CD009 / CD00A Fisch Racing Tech Bellhousing for ROTARY swapAfter bolting up the Fisch bellhousing, our CD009 now looks like a complete transmission again.

CD009/CD00A Tailshaft shifterIn order to fit the factory FD RX-7 shifter location, the tailshaft has to be shortened.


  1. All of the CD009 conversions, I’m a little bothered that the replacement bellhousing bolts to the relatively small bolts intended for that cover. Obviously it works, I can’t think of a better way that’s not a lot more work and cost, it’s done a lot, it’s not actually a problem, but it just bothers me a little.

    Nice to see the thoroughness of the upgrades – some of the other transmission options would mean the stock final drive ratios would be less than optimal, but that problem’s taken care of too.

    1. There are (11) M8 Bolts that hold on the front cover, and (now) attach the Fisch Racing Bellhousing adapter. These bolts are also close to the very outer diameter of the transmission. Fisch has numerous 1,000hp drag and drift cars that use this adapter design on various RX-7s, Supras, IS300s, LS engines and K-series engines. Based on the success of their extensive testing and customer base, there should be no reservations of this tried and true design.

      1. I know that any other solution would be a much larger casting, with a lot more post-casting machining and a lot more work to install. I know the design Fisch Racing came up with works and is well executed. I just wish there were a way to do it that fed torque loads into the case how it was originally designed; I’m really annoyed that design trends have gone away from separate bellhousings.

          1. If I were in charge of things, someone would make a front casing for the CD009/etc that had a T56/Magnum bolt face.

            I’m not though.

  2. I’ve never had the privilege to drive any of the mentioned transmissions above. Are any of them smooth like S2k or Miata 6spd? I have a 05 STi 6spd in my 00 2.5 RS and while its wonderful, I still find it awkward to shift super fast. Its not a skill issue on my part (at least in my opinion), because I was still able to do some 90s style drag shifts in a low mileage FK8 CTR.

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