Project FD RX7 Restomod: Part 5 – Dry Ice Blasting Restoration

Dry Ice Auto dry ice blasting FD RX7 MotoiqThe price can vary drastically depending on the goals and objectives.  Making the last 5% of a surface concourse-ready can take just as much time as making it 95% clean, which is what I would recommend doing.  It also depends on how large the car is and how dirty it is.  If the car has a small oil leak like our RX-7, it takes a lot longer to blast out all of the buildup and grime than it does areas that are not saturated with oil.

For most enthusiasts, I would highly recommend getting the engine, suspension, and undercarriage blasted at 95% clean.  This is the best value for a car that you love and will be driving.  It will revitalize the car, make it feel brand new again, and make life significantly better when working on the car, as well as inspecting the car for leaks and damage.  But be warned, you may find things that were hidden under decades of road grime that you did not know.

FD RX7 MotoIQ Project Restomod Dry Ice Blast I Am DetailingJakub offers $1K, $2K, and $3K base packages depending on what the client is looking for.  But it’s important to realize that every car and situation is unique.  One car with 100K miles on it may be easier and quicker to clean than another car with 15K miles on it.  It all depends.  Jakub also offers both interior and exterior cleaning services of the car, including full blasting restorations.  Typically, it takes 12-15 hours to fully clean a classic car.

Overall, we were blown away (no pun intended) by Jakub’s work and dry ice blasting.  This is an incredible process that we are now budgeting into most of our future builds because it makes life so much better working on a clean car.  We highly recommend Jakub and I Am Detailing / Dry Ice Auto.





  1. Billy, this is one of the most awesome things I have yet to see. I would like to try this before starting a major job, during, and after! I want to buy one of these rigs but I realize that the air drying and handling parts of it are more expensive than the blaster itself.

    1. Yes. I use these from time to time cleaning the molds in blowmolding and injection molding for plastics. They do an incredible job, but I think our cheapest machine costs about 25k.

  2. Dry ice blasting came up on an episode of The Smoking Tire Podcast and someone mentioned that the going rate was $300 / hour!

  3. So what package did you go for and how much did you pay? I have been subscribed to his channel for a long time and I saw that video when it came out but I had no idea it was yours!

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