Project FR-S: Aero Fender Concept



It looks really rough at the start (hey, the new Mad Max movie is coming out), but with near OCD attention to detail, something beautiful arises.

A lot time is spent smoothing and rounding edges and the back-and-forth from passenger to driver side to maintain parity. In the future (and after I win the lottery), it would be more advantageous to use a large scale foam cutter, and just hit “print” from our 3D renders and come up with an 90% solution to do minor tweaks on to save time. For now, we’ll trust our fabricator’s Mark 1 eyeball and 20+ year experienced calibrated fingers.


Remember kids, safety first. A full face shield and air breathing filter were used while forming the plugs.
The extra width is taking shape…

Upon completion of the shaping, there was a wheel and tire final fitment check for turn lock clearance, as well as door hinge limits.  Once everything was to our liking, the plug would be sealed for the multi-piece mold.  A week or so later, we had our first pieces for test fitting.


Before Prototype fit check….
…and the first prototype piece on the vehicle.


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