Project FR-S: Aero Fender Concept



Flow with it

Now that the prototype was completed, we go back to the beginning to see if we met our design requirements.

  1. Fenders shall be vented and/or have openings for proper air pressure extraction.

Achieved from design integration with swept vent behind tire and opening at recessed emblem area; Further road and track testing for air pressure extraction required.

  1. Fenders shall be wider than stock to allow for unobstructed square tire fitment.

Threshold is Achieved—current sized 18×9.5+40 with 265/35/18 wheel and tire combination fit without obstruction. Objective is pending test fit and road test with those specifications.

  1. Fenders shall require NO modifications to the OEM front bumper.

Achieved. No modifications were done to the OEM front bumper.

  1. Fenders shall require NO modification to the existing vehicle frame.

Achieved. No modifications were done to the existing vehicle frame to utilize the fenders.

  1. Fenders shall use existing OEM fender mounting holes. 

Achieved.  The aero fenders are a direct replacement utilizing OEM fender mounting holes.

      Let’s not forget about our “6th” requirement:

  1. Aesthetics needed to retain the natural body/door lines already present in the FR-S.

Well, I’ll leave that up to the readers if you think we met that last one.






Our next article will feature road and track testing of the fenders which will include, but won't be limited to, engine bay temperature readings, yarn tuft airflow at various speeds, and of course, driver feedback.



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