Project FR-S: Getting Stopping Power with Stoptech Brakes!


The rear rotors are 345mm x 28mm  Stoptech Aerorotors which you can see are much bigger than the stock parts.  The Aerorotors have CFD optimized internal vanes for good cooling.  Aerorotors have optimized metallurgy for long wear and brake pad compatibility.  The Aerorotors have 7075 T6 aluminum alloy hats which are hard anodized for corrosion resistance.  The parking brake drum is machined into the rear hats.  The Aerorotors are fully machined for good balance and are free floating to minimize piston knock back.  The free floating rotors have anti rattle hardware which uses a conical Inconel washer to put some preload on the rotor so it can't just freely rattle. With the alloy hat, the Aerotor is several pounds lighter than the stock rotor even though it is much bigger.

After installing the caliper bracket, Martin installs the rear brake hat.

Martin installs and torques down the ST22 caliper.  That's a pretty impressive looking brake system!

The kit comes complete with braided steel brake lines.  The braided steel lines do not expand with pressure and thus greatly improve brake feel.  Stoptech brake lines are DOT approved unlike many other braided steel brake lines.

You can see the alloy integral brake drum of the hat here and the generous area where cooling air can enter the rotor.

The Trophy Sport ST22 caliper has a stiff forged alloy body with two pistons.  It differs from the standard Stoptech ST22 caliper in that it has many areas CNC machined out to reduce weight.  The caliper has stainless steel abutments at the ends of the brake pad backing plates to prevent the brake pads from digging into the caliper body during long term use.  The body is analyzed with FEA to find areas where material can be removed.  With this machining the Trophy Sport caliper weighs about 20% less with zero reduction in stiffness.  The caliper body is hard anodized for corrosion resistance and durability and has high temperature silicone dust boots instead of the usual rubber.

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