Project FR-S: Getting Stopping Power with Stoptech Brakes!


The dust shield for the front brakes must be removed as well.  Unlike the rear brakes, the front dust shield simply unbolts.

The front rotors dwarf the stock rotors.  The Stoptech Trophy Sport Aerorotors are a large 355mm x 32mm and have hard anodized hats to shave weight.  Like the rear rotors the front rotors are several pounds lighter than stock despite being much larger.  The hats are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, one of the strongest aluminum alloys available.

You can see the full machining of the rotors which helps balance.  The rotor's aero vanes are designed to shed heat.

The staggered vanes around the rotor's ID are to improve the cooling air flow without choking it in the smaller area of the rotors inner diameter.  You can see the vanes on the alloy hat as well.  This allows airflow between the iron rotor and alloy hat reducing heat transfer to the hub. A conical Inconel washer sits under the head of the allen bolt allowing for 0.012″ of float but giving preload so the rotor doesn't just rattle around and make excessive noise like typical floating rotors.

The Trophy Sport rotor hat is hard anodized for improved  wear around the hardware holes and corrosion resistance. Hard anodizing only comes in a few limited colors so hopefully you like the tan sliver tone of Trophy Sport parts!

Martin bolts in the radial caliper adaptor. Like the rear adaptor, the front part is made of CNC machined 7075 T6 alloy. Martin leaves the stock calipers connected to their brake line for now so we don't have to worry about brake fluid dripping all over the place.  You don't want for the master cylinder reservoir to completely empty because ABS systems are a bitch to bleed. 

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