Project FR-S: Rocking Functional Aero from Kognition, Afterhours Automtoive and Seibon


Brian then made a urethane bumpstop system that butted up against the thick reinforced area that is sandwiched between the bumpstop and the wing mounting pads.  This takes most of the aero load off of the deck lid. 

Brian added some Aerocatches forward of the wing through the reinforced carbon section of the deck lid to take the load off of the deck hinges and bolt inserts.  Brian made the custom aluminum mounting pads that spread the wing's load to the well supported and reinforced area of the deck lid. Our wing mounting system is stiff, safe and allows us to open the trunk easily.

The Seibon hood saved quite a bit of weight and vents underhood radiator air over the top of the car which helps improve aerodynamics.  Brian opened up the vent to make it bigger and added a nicer looking stainless steel screen as a nice touch.  The Seibon hood was really high quality and fit superbly with panel gaps that were even tighter than stock and a wave free finish.

The finish of the bottom of our Seibon hood was nice and clean as well.  This was Seibon's regular vacuum infused wet carbon, not the lighter pre-preg dry carbon.  From the lower view you can see that Brian enlarged the vent size by about 50%.

To get more rear downforce, we had Brian build us a rear diffuser.  Afterhours is a very unique shop.  Brian Kono can simply make anything you might desire or imagine.  You tell him, go away for a while and he creates it.  With a Motorsports background, you don't need to hold his hand either, chances are he can think of better ways to build it than you.  Afterhours can make literally anything you want out of any material.  Considering what gets done, the price is pretty reasonable as well.  Check out the dimple die mounting bracket goodness.  Since a diffuser can generate quite a bit of downforce, Brian's creation has sturdy and effective mounting, not like the strap metal and sheet metal screw creations I sometimes see on the street.

Brian added sideplates to keep air from spilling over the sides of the diffuser to increase its effectiveness.  Note how the sideplates extend into the wheel wells to prevent turbulence from the wheels or air leakage from messing up the diffuser flow.

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