Project FR-S: Rocking Functional Aero from Kognition, Afterhours Automtoive and Seibon


It is important to prevent air from leaking between the bodywork and the splitter to maximize the splitter's efficiency.  Brian fabricated this gap filler panel out of hand formed aluminum to keep our splitter working.  The space between the front bumper and the splitter will actually result in more front end airflow stagnation and thus more downforce.
The gap filler is hand formed from aluminum by Brian.  It is quite sturdy and is bolted solidly to the stiff and strong ribbed stock plastic bumper support.  Very little air can leak past this filler panel, keeping the splitter super effective.

The splitter can generate a lot of force so it must be sturdy and the mounting points must be very strong.  Our splitter bolts solidly to the bumper support using stiff fabricated aluminum stand offs.  If you wanted to you could actually stand on our splitter.

Brian fabricated these aluminum air guides.  These guides divert all air to the radiator, greatly increasing its effectiveness as well as helping to further support the splitter.  You can also see the tubular stainless side supports.  The splitter itself is made of several plies of vacuum bagged carbon and epoxy resin with an aircraft plywood core.  The leading edge is epoxy soaked carbon yarn and is very impact resistant.  The splitter is light and very strong.
The rear mount of the splitter is this strong aluminum bracket that bolts directly to the core support.  Once again, our splitter is so strong you can step on it.  Actually, splitters need to be this strong as they can generate way over 100 lbs of downforce if designed properly.

As our car is developing, we are pretty excited to get it on the track for some serious tuning.  We still need to work on further improving our cooling with an oil cooler and by adding an intercooler for the supercharger. Also on tap  before we hit the track are more chassis braces and a few other tricks.  Stay tuned, we have more cool stuff coming for Project FR-S.

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