Project Garage Part II


A single pole switch has ON-OFF markings and can be used in the middle of or at the end of a circuit to power lights, an appliance, or a receptacle from a single location. Make sure the switch shows ON when installing. 


The hot circuit wires are connected to the screw terminals of the switch. If the switch lies in the middle of the circuit (2 cables enter the box), the hot wires are the black ones and should be connected clockwise to the two screw terminals. The neutral (white) wires are joined together with a wire nut and the grounding wires are pigtailed to the green grounding screw. If the switch is at the end of the circuit (1 cable enters the box), both of the insulated wires are hot and should be connected to the screw terminals. The grounding wire is connected to the green grounding screw. The cable from the switch to the final ballast was run across the attic to where the last ballast will be located. Drill a hole into the ceiling the size of an electrical box and feed the wires through the box. Cover the hole with a cover plate.


Ballast wiring
Installing the ballasts is much easier with two people, one to hold the ballast up while the other can handle the wiring.  Don’t forget to turn off the electricity too!


Installation of the fluorescent ballasts is fairly simple but time consuming. First, remember to turn off power to the circuit being tapped into. Remove the old light bulb or fixture and install a cover plate over the hole pulling the hot and neutral wires running from the electrical box through. A wiring schematic inside the ballasts directs where the sockets should snap into place. Find a stud in the ceiling and screw the ballasts in, pushing the wires through a hole in the ballast. Connect the black wire from the ballast to the black wire in the circuit with a wire nut. Do the same for the white wires. Use the two small hooks provided to attach the cover plates over the wires. Tap the end pieces onto the ballast. Insert the bulbs and turn to lock into place. Put on some sunglasses, turn on the lights, and awe.  Let there be light!

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