Project Garage Part II


These halogen triangle light stands emit a lot of light, but also a lot of heat- fine for working in a cold garage during the winter but they’ll have you sweating during a hot, sticky summer day!This is a much better option for small, hard to see spots such as the undercarraige or in wheel wells.  It is also a fluorescent light so it doesn’t emit as much heat as the triangle light on the left.  

Overhead lighting is great but task lighting will focus the light in one space for smaller projects. Simple task lighting doesn’t offer too many options and the price range is a lot narrower. A cheap plug-in shop light provides ample light over a work bench. A triangle stand with two adjustable height work lights is perfect for engine swaps or suspension installs where light must be focused on a particular area. They make similar ones with light emitting diodes (LED), a good option for keeping cool while working in the garage and a little easier to maneuver since they don’t have an electrical cord attached.  A slim fluorescent work light offers light for places where there isn’t much space to maneuver. They are also available with a hook at one end to attach the light to the hood easily. Installing all the lights really reflected on the oil stains on the cement floor.  A swing arm garage task light will mount on a workshop table and has a movable arm to help direct light over smaller projects such as fabricating brackets or tapping a new thread.

In the next installment, we’ll explore better flooring options for the garage.

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