Project Garage: Part XI – Car Lifts


The in ground hydraulic Rotary SL210 requires a smaller footprint, making it a simple solution for an enthusiast.
The pièce de résistance is a Rotary SL210i with truck adapters.  It is a two post in-ground lift with hydraulic pistons.  The unit is fully self-contained which makes for a clean installation as well as serves as a catch basin for leaky hydraulics.  It uses 8.5” plungers and includes a liquid detection system with integrated air, OSHA-compliant lockable disconnect, and a one-touch lock release.  The SL210 features three stage telescoping lifting arms with air operated, multi-position safety locks.  It uses a 208-230V single phase power unit and provides an overall lift rise of 81-1/2 inches.  
digging a holejackhammer
Installation included using a front end loader to cut a hole to accomodate the case.
A jackhammer was used to finish up the hole.
The Rotary SL210 can support up to 10,000 pounds and is ALI/ETL certified.  It was chosen specifically to keep a lot of open space in the garage but still have the ability to install a lift.  And since it lifts from the bottom, it’s easier to move around or open doors and access the car’s interior without worrying about denting something.  
Sliding the housing into place.
The “i” designation means the controls can be mounted in a cabinet or in the garage bay instead of on a pedal mount or attached to the wall though that option is still available.  It also includes one-handed up and down controls.  To complete Project Garage: North of the Border, my Canadian friend will install a disco ball and have a poutine party.  Kidding…  too bad it’s a little far to drive to work on my next project.
lowering hydraulic housingbackfill
Final drop into place.
Backfilling the hole.


wire meshcement prep
Wire meshing
Ready for cement.


Approximately 18 cubic yards or two full cement trucks formed the slab which is 6” thick with a 4600 psi concrete strength.


concrete slab

Smooth like butta!

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