Project GD STI: Making More Power with Cobb Tuning and Precision Turbo Part 2!


Once the hole was drilled, we installed a rivnut so that we could have a threaded hole to bolt the Cobb bracket to.

Here is the rivnut in place on the firewall.

The Cobb flex fuel bracket and sensor simply bolt in place.

The Cobb harness is plugged into the sensor, the unused TGV plug (on our car; other cars might require a TGV delete kit, but most people with STI's delete the TGV valve anyway), and the rear O2 sensor. The rear O2 sensor is replaced with an AEM electronics wide band. 

The fuel lines were then plugged into the sensor. Cobb can provide lines for OEM fuel lines or AN lines. We ran the AN line from our Injector Dynamics fuel rail to the sensor, then OEM lines to the car's hard lines. 

The return line was simply plugged back into the OEM return regulator. 


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