Project GD STI, Updating the Telematics with Sony

Since the XAV AX8100 can support two camera inputs, we installed one camera at the front of the car and another in the rear as a reverse camera.  We have always been paranoid about smashing the front airdam on a parking block which has led us to have the car’s tail sticking out because of misjudged distances.  The front camera fixes all of that.  We should have done this a long time ago!

The front camera is controlled by this little pressure switch.

The rear camera is set up as a reverse camera and automatically comes on when the car is in reverse.

The front camera has to be activated by the switch.

We really like the XAV AX8100’s user interface, everything to operate it is accessible on the first layer of the touchscreen.  We really hate complex multi-level menus, especially in a car!  Keep it simple so the driver can keep their eyes on the road.  The big bright screen makes it easy to quickly do what you want and the big icons on the touch screen make fast operation easy. Ford and Honda need to take note here to learn about easy-to-use telematics.


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