Project Gen 3 Subaru STI: Keeping it Cool with Koyo


koyo sti radiator
Pete, ARK’s technician installs the factory fans on the Koyo radiator, they simply bolted right on in minutes.
Koyo STI radiator
The Koyo radiator dropped right in place just like a factory part.

We are confident that the Koyo radiator will make a huge difference for track and hot day street use and will revisit the numbers later after SEMA when we can take the car out and flog it harder.

Koyo STI radiator
Nice, clean, factory like installation!

We learned from this exercise that unless it’s a hot day and a car’s cooling system is pretty inadequate that it’s not too useful to test a car’s cooling system on the street.

Pete refills and bleeds the cooling system using a large funnel to raise the fill point to help get all of the air out.

Overall the Koyo radiator is a top quality engineered unit with excellent fit and finish which we would recommend any day over some of the fake Japanese radiators that are currently flooding the market.


Koyo Cooling Systems 

ARK Design USA

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