Project GMC Canyon: Introduction and Icon Stage V Suspension

The rear shocks are equally as impressive with the same 6061 machined aluminum construction with spherical bearings and misalignment spacers top and bottom. The piggyback external reservoir features the Icon CDCV, which allows 10 adjustments to be made to compression force. Front and rear shocks are nitrogen filled, and the pressure in the rear shocks will add approxamately 0.5″ of lift to the back of the truck. These shocks are fully rebuildable and will last a very long time.


The Icon Delta Joint is the star of the show up front. This component has been developed by Icon to deliver the best of both worlds for truck suspension. Increased travel and long life. This ball joint is not just your average ball joint.

One of the key elements to the Icon Stage V suspension system is the tubular upper control arms for the front suspension. Made out of CNC bent 1026 DOM tubing, these arms are designed to achieve better suspension performance for off-road driving, with the inclusion of additional caster built into the arm geometry. The bushings are made from polyurethane and have grease fittings for servicing. The arms will also allow greater wheel travel, thanks to the Icon developed Delta Joint.


Here you can see the difference in angularity between the factory upper ball joint and the Icon Delta Joint.

The Delta Joint is really unique thanks to the quality engineered into the design. Most off-road suspension control arms use uniball joints to give extra suspension travel. The main drawback to using uniball joints is that they wear out fast due to complete exposure to the elements. The Delta Joint one ups uniball joints by delivering increased angularity while also limiting exposure to the elements with an enclosed body and the use of specialized coatings. The body of the ball joint features zinc plating for corrosion resistance while the pin features a carburized coating. Carburized coatings have incredible surface hardness and corrosion resistance. Icon also includes grease fittings that can be installed in to the Delta Joint for servicing.


Icon does a really great job of delivering a complete kit with thoughtful engineering at every step. These two components help to make installation a breeze. The front shock reservoir bracket installs on top of the shock bucket and provides a solid mounting location for the front shock reservoir, while the sway bar relocation bracket makes sure the sway bar works properly.

Did we mention that this kit is very well engineered? Well, if you haven’t caught on yet, it most certainly is well engineered. Icon includes a very nice plate for mounting of the front external reservoir as well as billet machined sway bare relocation brackets. Usually we are lowering vehicle ride heights here at MotoIQ, and to correct sway bar geometry, we usually have to use shorter end links. Since we are raising the front of this truck, the sway bar has to be lowered down at the mounting points to correct the geometry and make sure the sway bar can do its job just as well as it did when it left the factory. The Icon suspension is very impressive from a quality perspective. Everything has coatings to match the intended use.

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  1. Isaac, your Canyon Icon suspension article hit the nail on the head. And you even used the exact tire I would use. I have not seen 35 mpg on the highway but I have seen 28 mpg over 1600 miles, 4 people and camping gear, 75 mph freeway.

    After the Icon install what did your mileage do?

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