Project GMC Canyon: Introduction and Icon Stage V Suspension


We went ahead and threw on a set of Method Wheels with some 255/80/17 Cooper ST Maxx tires. We think the truck rides way better than it did with factory shocks. We managed to get 6.5 degrees of caster up front at the alignment shop. The adjustability in ride quality with the CDCV is very useful, and after a few trips off-road, we can say that this suspension is the best option for this GMC Canyon. You simply cannot beat the quality and performance of this setup.

This little diesel truck has really turned out to be exactly what I have been wanting in a truck. The Icon suspension totally transformed the handling of the truck off road, and when combined with the new tires, this truck performs amazing in all terrains. Whether you are going through some high speed desert or just cruising some trails, the Icon Stage V suspension is a perfect choice.

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  1. Isaac, your Canyon Icon suspension article hit the nail on the head. And you even used the exact tire I would use. I have not seen 35 mpg on the highway but I have seen 28 mpg over 1600 miles, 4 people and camping gear, 75 mph freeway.

    After the Icon install what did your mileage do?

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