Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 6 – Drone Strike


This close-up of the crossover weld shows how much more surface area there is between the two exhaust banks for better scavenging at high RPMs.  It also shows how beautifully welded Corsa's exhaust pieces are.

The new XOver pipe simply clamps to the downpipes in place of the stock crossover pipe.  Larry welded the two parts of the XOver pipes together instead of using a clamp.


Larry hand-tightens the clamps that secure the XOver pipe to the downpipes before moving onto the back of the car.  The driver's side (on the left) inlet part of the X-pipe has been welded instead of clamped.
Corsa XOver pipe fully installed.  The two out-of-focus things at the top of the photograph are the stock exhaust resonators, which also help with drone.  Does the one on the left look dented to you?  It is dented, from the factory.  So is the right one, but on a different “side” than the other one.  These assymetric dents actually help reduce drone by slightly changing the sound of each side to be different from each other.  The slightly different tones are out of phase from each other and thus produce less cumulative drone.

At the rear of the car, Larry found that my current aftermarket exhaust had been tack-welded underneath the clamps by the chuckle-headed shop I had do the install.  No wonder I wasn’t able to adjust the system to fit properly!


Grinding awy other people’s mistakes.

After removing the previous aftermarket mufflers megaphones, I examined the new Corsa Xtreme units.  These beautifully-crafted mufflers are made of stainless steel and each weigh 10 pounds less than the stock units, for a total weight savings of 20 pounds at the very back of the car.  A lower polar moment of inertia is always a good thing.


You can see how well the mufflers are designed and constructed.  All the exhaust hangers are welded in the proper position so that the OEM mounts can be used.  I asked for the black tips, because I hate chrome.

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