Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 6 – Drone Strike


A close-up of some of the welds.  Corsa uses both computer-controlled robotic welding  and master welders. 

The fit and finish of the Corsa parts was simply amazing.  Everything bolted right up with almost no trouble.  It was much easier to adjust and center the exhaust tips in the bumper than with some other systems we’ve both worked with.  The fit of the system was basically OEM.


Here’s an install tip.  Larry found it was easier to simply unbolt the entire muffler hanger brackets, install them onto the mufflers, and then bolt the whole thing back onto the frame.

One of my favorite parts of the Corsa system is the exhaust tips, which were cut to be perfectly flush with the rear valance.


The tips were cut in three dimensions to perfectly match the contours of the rear valence.
The tips are actually what I would call “black chrome.”  From different angles, they appear black or have a bit of a rainbow titanium finish to them.

I could tell a difference in the sound immediately upon starting the engine.  Whereas the previous exhaust was simply LOUD, the Corsa system was mellow yet throaty, with a very exotic tone that reminded me of a modern Maserati V8.  When cruising on the highway, there is almost zero cabin noise from the exhaust, which is precisely what I wanted.  However, when you firewall the right pedal, you’re rewarded with a deep throaty V8 growl.  The complete lack of drone on the highway is better than I had hoped for, and the exotic tone of the exhaust makes you want to simply drive the car harder.  The coolest thing about the exhaust is that it’s only loud when you want it to be: cruising on the highway or at low throttle input has a nice tone that is not loud or intrusive; but as soon as you floor it, the sound increases to a muscular growl.  I’ve put a few videos below.


Removal of all the nasty chrome is now 100% complete.
I tried several times to take a video of Project Mustang’s new exhaust, but Corsa’s videos just have better sound quality.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  Source: Corsa
This is perhaps the best comparison I’ve heard of the difference in sound between an H-pipe and an X-pipe.

I highly recommend Corsa’s products.  Instead of producing an exhaust system that was simply welded together from a bunch of off-the-shelf parts, Corsa spends the time to perform R&D on each and every vehicle fitment they produce and engineer a complete exhaust system that offers uncompromising performance and sound.



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