Project Honda Ruckus part 3, 50 mph or bust!


The strange shape of Dr. Pulley sliders enable the backplate to sit 0.020″ lower on our bike allowing the lowest possible low ratio.  The belt now sits on the variator shaft.  You can't get lower than that!
This is the correct orientation for Dr Pulley sliders.  If you put them in upside down, the bike will be really fast but you will have no top speed.  Don't ask us how we know this….

The last things we did were purely cosmetic. Our front brake had a braided steel brake line and our PC20 kit used a braided steel covered throttle cable. So that everything would match, we got a braided steel rear brake cable from Battlescooter with a cool billet rear brake adjuster. These little touches make things coordinate and look just a little more cool.

Cool billet brake adjuster thingy from Battlescooter.
Braided steel rear brake cable and Scott Grips from Battlescooter.

Now with our cosmetics nailed down and our scoot going faster, we are not about to quit. Stay tuned as we set out to build the fastest GET Honda engine out there and crack some new speed barriers with Project Ruckus!


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