Project Honda Ruckus Part 7: Building the Engine


Amsoil Synthetic Scooter oil
In our previous motor we ran thin 5w/30 oil with an oil cooler to get our windage losses as low as possible.  We sometimes had trouble getting our old motor to run hot enough to make the best power, especially in cold weather so our new motor is not going to run a cooler, at least not at first. Honda recommends a 10w/40 oil and since we are not running a cooler we will run this thicker oil as per Honda's recommendations.  Amsoil's scooter oil is 100% synthetic and provides superior protection over mineral oil which is important with our high compression and revs.  We will monitor oil temp to decide if it is more prudent to run a cooler but with a cooler, we have never run anywhere close to hot oil temps, even when hammering all day in 90 plus degree heat.  Another expensive part that may not be needed.

Performance enhancing coatings were used in our new engine as well.  With our high compression ratio and high rev operation we figure our engine will need all the help it can get to stay reliable. The cylinder head combustion chamber, exhaust port and valve faces were coated with Embee thermo barrier coating.  The piston crown was also treated with thermo barrier coating.  This will help these parts resist increased heat and will hopefully harness the heat energy that would normally heat up the coolant to instead drive the piston. Embee's friction and wear reducing coating was also applied to the piston skirt.

Honda ruckus forged big bore piston coated
Our worked over Chanito Motors piston with its final Embee thermo barrier coating on the dome and dry lube coating on the skirt.  The piston pin and rings have been WPC treated for lower friction and longer life.

We feel that our new engine will have a little less bottom end power than our old engine but will have improved top end power.  When combined with our higher Metropolitan gearing we should have enough beans to reach our goal of 60 mph with the Honda engine.  This is faster than a stock GY6 swap and respectable considering our engine's small displacement. Stay tuned, we will be reporting on how our new engine performs soon.


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  1. Hello there. I’m trying to replicate your 58.1cc ruckus project. How has it lasted since completion? Is it still running well? Any issues?

    1. In other words, its not a daily driver, and just a show piece. If you want speed on your 50cc, sell it, and get a bigger bike/motor, and don’t sacrifice the reliability.

      1. It is perfectly reliable. I rode it a lot, I just lost interest in it because our shop moved to where the drivers suck and I had to ride through some rough neighborhoods to get there so I didn’t feel safe riding it to and from work anymore. This made me lose interest in scooters.

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