Project Honda S2000 Part 3- Brakes that don’t Break


Project Honda S2000 StopTech Brakes
StopTech SS lines come with everything you need to replace the stock rubber lines.  They are a perfect fit, routing just like the stock lines.  StopTech includes a rubber cap to place on the end of the stock hard line after the rubber line is removed.  It’s used to prevent fluid from leaking out of the system.  It’s a very thoughtful addition to the SS line kits that eases the installation.

Advantage number three over stock: the SS lines.  In keeping with the goals of durability and reliability, replacing the stock rubber lines is a good idea.  There’s nothing scarier than having a stock rubber line burst on you leaving no brakes and coming into a corner at 100mph.  Of course, there’s the benefit of improved feel as the SS lines do not expand like the stock rubber lines when brake pressure is applied.

Project Honda S2000 StopTech Brakes
The KICS 10mm spacers are a trick piece.  They attach to the stock studs using the 5 threaded discs with the 4 holes in them.  Then the wheel goes on the studs integrated into the spacer.  So there’s no need to take off the stock hubs to install longer studs.

So these brakes are badass with many advantages over the stock setup, but we had to make them fit.  From my research, the Volk RE30s in a +54mm offset cleared the brakes.  As we’re using +63mm offset, a 10mm spacer should make it equivalent to a +53mm offset and fit.  I’m using a KICS 10mm spacer with integrated studs and the wheels do just clear the calipers.  It’s close though as it appears that we only have about 1.2mm of clearance.  It’s a good thing the Volks are super stiff.  We may look into getting a 1mm spacer made for extra clearance as StopTech recommends a minimum of 2mm and OEM car manufacturer specs is typically about 3mm.

Project Honda S2000 StopTech Brakes
Here you can see the SPC ball joint adjusted all the way inward to move the top of the spindle as far inward as possible to maximize fender clearance.

One of our goals was to minimize doings things that were completely irreversible, and that included rolling the fenders.  To get the wheels to clear the fenders with the spacer, we needed more camber, beyond what the stock adjustment range could do at our ride height.  We chose the SPC ball joint camber kit as it attaches at the top of the spindle.  With it adjusted to max inward, it should move the top of the spindle inward and help with fender clearance.  J’s racing makes a really nice camber adjustment kit, but it attaches at the bottom of the spindle and would not help with my fender clearance issue as well as the SPC kit.

Project Honda S2000 StopTech Brakes
The wheels fit but it’s a tight clearance!  The gap is only ~1.2mm at the closest point, but no rubbing issues after some testing with high lateral Gs.  It’s a good thing the Volks are extremely stiff!

Now we’re running -2.3 degrees of camber up front, and -2.8 in the rear which we feel is a good compromise for street and track use.  In checking the fender clearance, the tire JUST touched the mounting tab that the fender liner attaches too.  We took a hammer to the mounting tabs to bend them upwards about 30 degrees.  There is still a slight issue for tire-to-fender contact when the wheels are turned and hitting a bump; the inside tire can come into contact with the fender.  We’ll just have to be careful about not going curb hopping.

Project Honda S2000 StopTech Brakes
Our buff brakes are now up to the challenge of track days.




KICS Spacers

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