Revenge of the Nerd-My Mail Box and Other Funny Stuff

Mike Kojima's Revenge of the Nerd

Revenge of the Nerd-My Mail Box and Other Funny Stuff

By Mike Kojima

So it looks like Jeff has too much time on his hands and has been hard at work making digitally enhanced unflattering images of me again.  I guess the point this time is not some sort of tech rant from me but to show what showed up in the mail at the palatial MotoIQ Headquarters.  Someone named Mr. Thumb has started up a group called and since MotoIQ has always had an anti janky copy policy, Mr. Thumb has sent us a care package full of cool anti fakes stickers.  I especially like the one you could stick on someones car that is equipped with fake stuff. 

Here is a copy of the letter that came with the stickers.

Revenge of the nerd-

Of course we get a lot of hate mail from fans and manufacturers of fake crap, some even in the form of threats and I suppose this will trigger another round of hate but someone has to take a stance.  It won't be the magazines, they need money so bad, they will accept ad dollars from anyone.  The editors don't like this but the sales department doesn't care.  We will take up the fight.

If you share our viewpoint  contact Mr Thumb at and help us spread the word and fight the power!

Here is some stuff I wrote about this before, click here.

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Speaking of weird stuff, I guess it's weird to me but obviously not to a huge segment of our market, is the car show scene.  I am totally not a car show person, I can respect the love of cars here but I can't understand how someone can spend most of the day sitting around at a car show to be judged on how your car looks.  To me this seems pretty boring and the mods that a lot of show people do are, well interesting to be polite.  Some of my good friends are in car show crews but I can't get interested in this myself.

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