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I was at the Spocom show last weekend.  I can’t really hate on it because our friends at Pro Motion put this on and I don’t want Mike Morita to be pissed at me.  Spocom is a well run show and if you like the Import Lifestyle, this is one of the best shows that there is. Our friends at DSport Magazine are also heavily involved.  In fact I entered their model search and am in the running to be Miss DSport so check out my video and vote for me!  You might wonder why we go to such an event if we are not show people, to be honest we mostly go to hang out with our friends in the industry and to see the latest trends in styling good or bad.  The other reason is that Jeff has yellow fever and likes to try his luck with import models (haha thats what you get for that picture).

Walking around the car show part of Spocom, I saw many things.  Some cars are super clean and tasteful with good parts and attention to detail.  Other, well befuddle me.

Check out this Ferrari 360 Modena, this was a pretty pimp car until it got the car show treatment.

spocom ferrari

Poor Ferrari, the Commandatore is probably turning backflips in his grave. A lot of this stuff comes down to personal taste, if I could afford a Ferrari I probably would leave the body stock but like I said, that’s personal. The really funky stuff is coming.

spocom ferrari

Check out this sort of roll cage.  The cage didn’t have cross bars and seems to be designed to brain the driver in a crash.  Either that or to be more visible.  There used to be a janky company called Monkey Bars that made fake show car roll cages several years ago, I am not sure they are still in business but I think this cage is in that category.  It neither contributes to chassis stiffness and if anything reduces safety. Hella functional.  The sad thing is that this isn’t in some show Scion XB, it’s in a Ferrari!  James Chen’s 360 driven by Rhys Millen smoked a whole bunch of hot tuner cars, in bone stock tune except for a set of Hoosiers in Sport Compact Car’s USCC competition a few years back.  This goes to show that a Ferrari is a carefully engineered car that is really hard to improve on.

SPOCOM Ferrari

Check this out, the Stock Modena brakes use state of the art Brembo calipers with super trick lightweight and exotic metal matrix composite rotors.  I mean brakes to die for.  I guess for the show look, these brake were swapped out for some Rotoras!  I mean talk about a multi thousand dollar downgrade.  WTF.

Ah show cars.

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