Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 7: Baja Designs Racelight with Boatman H4 Conversion



TE610 Baja Designs racelight Boatman adapter ring
The first adapter ring locates the smaller H4 reflector in the racelight housing. I filed some details a little, but ending up with an exact fit is better than loose. (The green tape is just to protect the frame from scuffing during installation.) The second adapter ring (not shown) bridges from the front perimeter of the H4 reflector to the cast aluminum front ring of the Baja Designs housing. You could run a bead of RTV around the edge of the ring where it contacts the reflector to maintain a watertight seal. The H4 stackup is thicker, so a thicker o-ring is provided to maintain the environmental seal on the outer diameter. This configuration loses a bit of the precision bitchin'ness of the Baja Designs assembly and it's fiddlier to get all the parts to go together, even after the custom fitting is done. But once together, it looks just as nice.  
TE610 Baja Designs auxiliary headlight power circuit connection
Rather than connecting directly to the battery terminal, we picked up power from the battery side of the main relay. Adding a second terminal to this point interfered with tool access, so we replaced the hex-head bolt with a socket-head. This connection point allowed the new wire to nest neatly along the bike's main wiring harness.  
TE610 Littlefuse headlight auxiliary power
We used a Littlefuse inline fuse holder and red heat shrink to indicate power, the same as stock. Spiral wrap protects the wire where it goes over the top of the shock and could chafe. 
TE610 headlight power connection ring terminal double crimp open barrelTE610 ring terminal bent cracked
The open-barrel ring terminal needed to be bent at a 90-degree angle. Our first attempt concentrated the bend where the terminal was already stressed by the crimp and started some nasty cracks. Vibrate this for a few thousand miles and those cracks are guaranteed to connect at the worst possible time. 
TE610 ring terminal bolt head mark bendTE610 ring terminal bent smooth strong
All we really needed was enough flat space for the screw head. With a flange nut on the other side to maintain flatness in the clamped area, we bent the terminal as close to the screw as we could. The result was a smooth bend with no cracking, and vibration stresses distributed over a much larger section. 
TE610 headlight auxiliary fused power wire heat shrink heat sleeve
We ran the power wire along the main wiring harness on the bike. In addition to starting with thick GXL insulation, we added textile thermal sleeve, harvested from Hondas and Toyotas in junkyards. Red heat shrink bridged the gaps between segments of sleeve, as well as indicating power and providing additional chafing protection where the wire was tied to the main harness. 

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