Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 7: Baja Designs Racelight with Boatman H4 Conversion



TE610 Baja Designs racelight green valve delete
On the Husky, the ignition switch and the brake line guide loop prevent the frame from moving upward and disengaging from the grommets. Not a big deal, since we plan to leave the light on the bike for road legality at all times. 
Fuel System Update
After several lost riding days and hundreds of dollars of gas wasted driving to trailheads to only get the bike warmed up, we finally figured out that the “green valve” meant to control evaporation in the stock fuel system was pressurizing the tank sufficiently to overfill the carburetor's float bowl on a steep climb or if the bike spent any time on its side, causing the bike to run poorly or not at all. 
The FREE-flo vent hose in the photo above is stiffer than standard fuel tubing and won't kink when used as a tank vent line. The white bit just below the  wire tie holding the hose to the instrument bracket is a vacuum restrictor to limit the flow rate, should fuel make its way that far up the hose, and the end is filtered to prevent dirt being drawn into the tank. 
TE610 7602 Racing carb vent filter kit installed
We replaced the TE610's stock carburetor vent system with this billet carb vent filter system from 7602 Racing, which connects all the air vents to each other and to atmosphere through a foam filter. Filtering all the vents on a Keihin FCR carburetor is essential, as they are exposed to vacuum and will draw in dust if left open. Two lines are run up high under the seat, so the system can still breathe in a deep water crossing. The float bowl overflow runs separately to the bottom of the bike, and now will actually signal a float bowl that is overflowing by dumping excess fuel on the ground. It's also now possible to drain the float bowl prior to extended storage. 
TE610 7602 Racing Keihin carb vent filter kit filter position access
We should have mocked up the installation with the bike fully assembled before cutting the hoses. This is the best view of it with all the other stuff installed, and placing the filter body two inches lower in the hose run would have made access for cleaning the filter much easier. 
TE610 7602 Racing oil filter cover
7602 Racing also makes this trick billet oil filter cover which both looks nice and is functional. It retains the oil filter spring when removed, simplifying filter changes. More important but harder to see is the billet cover for the shift-side “bag filter,” which enables checking and cleaning that without dealing with the two little screws that have a tendency to strip out their holes in the engine case. 

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