Project Infiniti G20 (P10) AWD Turbo: Part 1 – Project Day Drinking
honda accord and mazda miata smashed pointed at one another on the street
Look to the left of the pic – see the white line on the road? I was originally to the left of that, in the intersection. That’s how far back he pushed me.

Anyway, two surgeries, three months of bed rest, and four months of physical therapy later, I was ready to walk again. I won’t lie, I had (and still have) pretty wicked PTSD from the accident – especially considering I had also been rear-ended at a stoplight in the Miata on the same exact road exactly four weeks before getting hit head-on. I was kinda freaked out about driving again.


girl in pink sweatshirt and black pants with pink cast on lower leg resting on a kneeling scooter with arms crossed and wearing a black racing helmet
Some say her kneeling scooter is flat black and carbon fiber… All we know is she’s called The [crippled] Stig!
I’m really a diehard gearhead. As I said, I’ve loved cars ever since I was a kid, and I’ve been working in the performance automotive aftermarket industry since 2004. I spend my days doing marketing for motorsports manufacturers, writing for drag racing publications, working for sanctioning bodies, traveling to events… it’s awesome. I literally get paid to talk about race cars all day. Hello, dream job! So, the fact that I was dreading the process of having to buy a new car should tell you quite a bit about how much damage the accident did, mentally.

(Side note: the name of my company is P.TEN Marketing, a nod to the P10 chassis that started it all for me… read on!)


girl in selfie photo on a balcony overlooking drag racing cars in the staging lanes
Is this real life? YES! I’m beyond fortunate to be able to do what I love with cool people and badass cars.

I work from home, and, one Thursday afternoon in late December of 2017, I just wasn’t up to the task of adulting. I had planned to go to the barn to exercise my horse (yeah, more horsepower) but decided to give him the day off instead. I also needed to make lunch but was feeling especially lazy. So, I gave up on being productive and just started day drinking instead. Whatever. What could possibly go wrong?!


  1. I spent a lot of time on back in the day when I had my P10. Somehow even among all those Primera enthusiasts I never learned about an AWD P10. This checks a lot of boxes for me being out in Colorado, will be following this closely because I might just have to copy you.

    1. What was your username on Gnet? I was SR20DETg20girl. Small word. And I highly recommend NOT following me… just buy a T4 to start with and save yourself the headaches/cash. 😉

  2. OMG. I have to check with my friend as that actually might have been his old Z4M. did it have chrome wheels when you bought it?

    1. No, it had the factory M wheels. It belonged to an older gentleman, even though it came from a dealership I have his name and info. Woulda been a cool “small world” story if not, though!

  3. OI!

    Where is Part II?! I read this with much interest and then… cliff hanger!

    I can’t wait to read more about yr G20 so hurry up! 😀

    1. I can’t wait to read more, too! 😂 Hopefully we can get another update posted soon… the shop that has the car now had made some good progress (rear end in, etc) but then Covid came and shut down the supply chain so things have been on hold yet again. Supposedly they’re starting work on it again in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

    1. As tempting as that is… no. 😄 I’ve already got a RWD N/A car and a (soon to be) AWD turbo car both for road racing so I’m thinking now I need a supercharged drag car… *evil laugh*

  4. Nice build, i was lucky to buy an original T4 eGT saloon from the netherlands. One day i hope to do an sr20det build aswell. So far away and the same passion for a p10, great!!!

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