Project Infiniti G20 Racecar – Intro/Gutting

infiniti g20 racecar


Project Infiniti G20 Racecar

by Martin Gonzales and Steve Rockwood


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damage G20 race car racecarG20 racecar race car
The Victim:  1992 Infiniti G20The Goal:  Stout race macheen!


When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  Life handed us a wrecked car (and a mild case of whip-lash), so we're making a race car!  That pretty much sums up how we came to the idea of transforming the ultimate grocery getter into a formidable road racing machine.  The manual transmission, multi-link front suspension, independent rear suspension and SR20 engine may have persuaded us a bit too.  The victim, our formerly daily driven 1992 Infiniti G20.  The goal, to create the everyman racecar on an everyman budget. 

We will show you how with a little bit of planning ahead and a couple of trips to Home Depot, you too can build a fun, reliable and most importantly…competitive race car.  If you are looking to build a race car, and are either on the fence or not sure where to start, look no further.  This project will concentrate on how to properly prepare a car to race in NASA's Performance Touring class.  We will cover everything from stripping it down, to cage fabrication, to dialing in the suspension, and everything in between.  Don't forget to also check out Project Racer, where Annie will be walking you through the process of getting licensed and ready to race with NASA.


“Dude, where's my interior!?”

We start by stripping our G20 of its plush interior.  This can be a very therapeutic experience, or a receding hairline accelerator, depending on your technique.  Start off with the basics; remove the seats, headliner, carpet, dash, seatbelts and all other items that aren't necessary to racing.  Strip it down to its bare necessities; from the dash forward you should have absolutely nothing left except for the shifter and emergency brake.



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