Project Infiniti G35 Sedan: The Poor Man’s M3


The NT05’s were very quiet as well, the quietest performance tire we have ever experienced.  The NT05 might be the quietest tire we have ever experienced period.  We think that the tread’s twin wide circumferential grooves must evacuate air from the tread area noiselessly or something. The NT05 did not seem to follow grooves or tramline either, problems that performance tires sometimes have.

Project Infiniti G35 Sedan: The Poor Man's M3
Using an impact takes a bit of finesse or you can damage the shock, short bursts while holding the shock shaft and not overdoing it.  Too much impact action can cause the rod to unscrew from the piston!

The NT05 were not perfect; they had a rough and harsh ride.  Not exceptionally rough but rough enough so you know you are driving a stiff sidewalled ultra high performance tire. Snivelers and fussy sissies need not apply here. The NT05 transmitted a lot of tar strip type harshness into the cabin and through the steering wheel as well.  These attributes are typical of ultra high performance street tires and the NT05 is no exception. After spending time with the NT05 on this car we like it more and more, we can’t wait to try this tire on other project cars and see how it does in split track/street duty or in classes where DOT race tires are not allowed.  We think the NTO5 is going to be one of the tires to beat in these classes and as a daily driving tire as well.

Project Infiniti G35 Sedan: The Poor Man's M3 KW Suspension VIII shocks
KW Suspension awesomeness, stock like fiddle freeness with trackable performance in one package!

The VIII’s were amazing; we were able to actually tune some of the tire’s harshness out.  Although the KW’s springs were much stiffer than stock, the ride was actually smoother feeling even though roll and body motion is greatly reduced. The ride on the VIII equipped G35 is much better than our currently bone stock Lexus IS-F. We haven’t been back to the track yet but in spirited street driving, the car has been transformed.

Our G looks so much better and is a lot more fun to drive.  Stay tuned, in our next edition, we will treat our car to an inexpensive and totally streetable brake upgrade.


KW Suspension

Nitto Tires

Mackin Industries


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