Project Infiniti G37S: Part 4 – UpRev Osiris Tuner

Project Infiniti G37S: Part 4: UpRev Osiris Tuner

by Aaron LaBeau

When last we left our project in Austin, Tx we we’re making a solid 8hp from our Fast Intentions Exhaust and 10hp from the Stillen Gen 3 Intake.  Over our last few articles we have lots of pictures of Donny and James from UpRev turning wrenches and now master tuner Omar Izaguirre cracks his knuckles and goes to work on the tuning.  As we mentioned in those articles Omar had concerns about the intake and exhaust and the slipping going on with the torque converter for the automatic transmission on the stock ECU.  In addition the stock ECU was adding too much initial ignition timing and on some runs we were getting as much as 31 degrees advance which is at the limit of safe operation.


From UpRev Omar, Donny and Mike take a look at the engine parameters and our baseline power run.

The day on the dyno was a long one.  Each session consisted of 3-5 pulls and then the car was shutdown to cool off and try different methods.  This was our plan of attack addressing:

  1. Ignition advance
  2. Knock sensor
  3. Fueling
  4. Torque Converter
  5. Drivability
  6. Maps

The Osiris Tuner connects to the OBD2 port via a USB cable.  The flashing process was about as fast as I’ve ever seen.  Customers who wish to have a tune on their car can follow instructions to get some data logs and a revised tune based on your modifications.  This should work for most people who have the basic bolt-on modifications.  Forced induction or nitrous require Osiris Tuner and professional tuning.

It would be a good argument to add as much ignition advance as possible if we were making power but when we backed the advance down to 26 degrees (from 31) we only lost 1hp.  Right off the bat Omar tells me not to expect much more horsepower that what we’re seeing at 308.  It seems a little crazy then to pay for a tune if you’re not going to see anymore power but Omar is expecting to pick up a few more ponys in the rev range, keep detonation in check and correct the torque converter lockup.


With our bolt-on parts we’re at 308hp.  Time to see if there was any hp to be found with the tuning and the dyno.

Part 2 of this process was addressing the knock sensor and see if the sensor was pulling out power.  Omar backs out the sensitivity of the sensor.  With the new resonance of the intake and exhaust, the sensor might be freaking out and pulling power.  Now that this is done we can move on.


A bit of a peek at the Osiris software with just about every adjustable engine parameter.  I didn’t get a picture of the ignition or transmission adjustment tables.

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