Project Integra Dc2: Brake Upgrades and Maintenance for the Street

Project Integra DC2: Brake Upgrades and Maintenance for the Street

by Clint Boisdeau

As eager as we are to do big upgrades to Project DC2, a good amount of basic maintenance was required.  Since our goal was to drive the car regularly on the street, we wanted the confidence of knowing we wouldn't be left stranded because of an avoidable failure.  Some of the items on the list of such upgrades were the brakes and wheel bearings.  The pads and rotors on the car were not necessarily in poor shape, but they were of unknown origin and brand.  There were no familiar markings present on the brake pads and the previous owner had no idea either.  We decided to start fresh with brake related parts, since it's the most important safety item on any car. The left rear wheel bearing was making a very audible humming noise so we knew it was on its way out. Erring on the side of caution, we will be replacing all four wheel bearings with new Centric Parts bearings.


The StopTech “Sport Brake Pads” (formally known as the “Street Performance Pads”) are a great street and light track duty compound.  For daily driving a sport oriented car and allowing us to hit track days, these should be sufficient in both friction and temperature operating range.  
A matching set of StopTech “Sport Brake Pads” for the rear will be a good bias balance since the OE GSR rear calipers and rotors are rather small.
StopTech Sport slotted rotors were also implemented for a fresh and flat surface start to the brake pad's life.  
The rear StopTech Sport rotors are also slotted, but are of a solid non-vented design like the OE rotors.  
Completing the StopTech “Sport Axle Pack” brake upgrade are stainless braided lines which reduce the softeness in the brake pedal feel. 


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