Project IS-F, Restoring the Factory Brembo Calipers with West Coast Calipers




Next the Calipers are baked with a heat gun until the base coat is hard.  The paint cures both through baking and catalytic action.  The cross linking of the polymers in the paint caused by the catalyst and heat makes the paint harder and stronger.

Next the Brembo emblems are applied.

The emblems are applied to the front and rear calipers.


    1. It won’t stick to the boots well, so if the boot needs to flex the paint will flake away from the boot, no problem. That’s my experience after having used high temp epoxy paint to refinish my own brembo calipers.

  1. I’m curious to know which Brembos have the pistons and boots covered in paint. (I’m genuinely curious, I’ve just never experienced it). They look amazing afterwards. Could you have had the Lexus logos put back on them if you wanted?

    1. not all of them but I have seen it on some cars like my STI. I think it so the finish won’t be damaged assembling them, they normally paint over the bolts are everything. You can put anything on them.

    2. I have some high-end Brembo Monoblock calipers sitting on my desk and the boots are covered in paint from the factory.

  2. Wow, the end results are impressive. Really nice to see the care that’s taken during the prep too.

    FWIW, I bought a used set of front Brembo calipers taken from a 997 911 4S and the stock seals had red paint on them.

  3. I am wondering if it wouldn’t be easier/better to pull the calipers and hang them in the wheel wells on a stiff wire, rather than doing all of that masking.

  4. I was curious about doing this with my Brembos but looking more towards the powder coating solution. Did you consider this as well or did you know re-painting was the way to go?

    1. Powdercoating isn’t a very temperature tolerant coating and tends to easily discolor. West Coast Calipers tells me that the paint they use is.

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