Project Lexus IS-F Part 1: We Test the K&N Typhoon High Flow Air Intake


Lexus IS-F K&N Typhoon air intake dyno testThe peak to peak numbers don’t tell the whole story.  The K&N intake made more power across the board from low to high rpm and from 5300 to 6800 made a huge difference in power.   In the range of 6000 rpm, the gain hovers at around 30 more whp for several hundred rpm which backs up K&N’s claim.  Past the torque peak the K&N delivers 7-11 more lb/ft of torque.  That is awesome area under the curve. K&N has scored with what is perhaps the all time greatest bang for the buck mod.

Lexus IS-F K&N Typhoon air intake dyno test
Pretty impressive results if you ask us!  This is the largest gain we have ever seen for a cold air intake on any vehicle!

Skeptical or not, data is data and we are now believers in the K&N intake.  It even has a million mile warranty! After thinking about it later, we probably should have tried the stock intake with the trap door opened for the entire run but we considered this a few hours after the test.  Maybe we will try this at a later date.

Looking under the car, we see areas where the exhaust necks down considerably. We think there may be pleasant surprises waiting for us with a bit of exhaust tuning!



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