Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 9 – Begin Rewiring at the… Back?


A little heat shrink over the factory bundle and under the grommet and the tail lamp harness looks clean.


And, now for some pins. The harness-side connector has sockets.

I don’t know if it really matters or if there is a convention for which side should have pins and which side should have sockets. There probably is. We probably did it backwards. But, at least we have good documentation.

At this point, the main trunk harness is pulled, shrunk, and gluelined. The wires all have contacts crimped on and they are ready to be inserted into their respective cavities. The fuel pump connector pigtails are ready to be spliced in.

Be sure to read the next article in the series where we will complete the trunk harness assembly with assistance from Dymo and also make our separate trunk wheel speed sensor harness with our first circular milspec connector.

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