Project MKVI Golf TDI: Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Throw Shift Kit



Our first step was to remove the plastic cable end links from the shift brackets.
The threaded plastic factory cable ends connect to the shift cable and are held under spring tension.  Sliding the collar back allows the cable end to come off.
Once the cable ends are disconnected the shift brackets can be removed.
Side-by-side comparison between the Dieselgeek shift kit on the left and stock parts on the right.  Here you can see where the Dieselgeek shift kit improves on the factory design.  Rather than being held in place by spring tension the shift cables are firmly clamped into the Dieselgeek cable ends by 4 nuts/bolts.  The white plastic slider on the Dieselgeek unit connects the side-to-side shift bracket to the front-to-back shift bracket.  Guaranteed to last the life of the car, it’s made of higher quality plastic that degrade less over time and built to tighter tolerances than stock.  The results should be a much crisper 2nd-3rd or 4th to 5th engagement compared to stock.
There’s a few things to look out for when installing the new kit such as making sure the shift cables slide freely into the cable ends and that everything is aligned properly but we paid close attention to the instructions and got through our installation without any issues.

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