Project Mustang 5.0: Optimizing Weight Transfer and Roll Steer


Here are some comparison pictures of the OEM and Whiteline control arms.

The OEM control arms have an offset at the rear.  You can see that this offset was designed into the Whiteline piece, as well.


The soft OEM rubber bushing has voids in it to improve ride quality, but at the cost of performance.


The Whiteline bushing is solid with a floating crush tube.  This allows the crush tube to rotate freely of the bushing, preventing the bushing from “winding up.”

Before bolting the new control arms on, we had to install Whiteline's Anti-Squat brackets.  These brackets attach to the lower control arms' mounting points on the axle, dropping the mounts down a couple of inches to correct the lowered suspension geometry and improve anti-squat characteristics.

 whiteline anti-squat brackets
The Anti-Squat Brackets are securely welded and feature “tabs” that reach up the axle mount to prevent any chance of the brackets bending during hard launches or cornering.


 mustang whiteline anti-squat brackets
The brackets are part of a complete kit that comes with all-new hardware for the control arm mounting.  Only the front control arm bolts are reused.


Installing the brackets is very simple, as they simply bolt to the lower control arm mounts on the axle.

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