Project Mustang 5.0, Part II: Controlling Body Roll with Whiteline


The design of the OEM bar presents serious problems in terms of adjustability.  Several vendors have recently created adjustable rear bars, but it involves replacing that mount behind the wheel with something that accepts a bolt for the blade-end of the adjustable bar. 

Regardless of the adjustability of the rear bar, however, it is impossible in the current configuration to adjust the rear bar's preload, since it is directly connected to the axle.

Whiteline came up with a novel solution to the rear bar problem:  they scrapped it and started over.  Whiteline's bar mounts directly to the axle using “U-bolts” and replaces those drop links with adjustable end links.  The result is a rear bar that is shorter, lighter, and stiffer than OEM and is adjustable from the rear of the vehicle without even putting it up in the air.

This shows a comparison of the design of the OEM (top) and the Whiteline (bottom) rear sway bars.


The Whiteline bar is solid spring steel, 27 mm in diameter. 


The OEM rear sway bar is secured with six bolts.  It took less than five minutes to remove it. 


The Whiteline rear bar can't be directly compared to the OEM one, because they operate completely differently.  Still, you can see that the Whiteline unit is slightly thicker. 


The Whiteline bar attaches to the solid rear axle via “U-bolts.”  The bushing saddles attach to these bolts.  The end links simply bolt in to where the drop links did previously.  Installing the new rear sway bar wasn't much more difficult than removing its OEM counterpart.


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