Project “My Fiancée’s” Miata: Part 10 – Nitto NT05 Tires, Exedy Stage 1 Clutch & Flywheel, Two Track Tests and Road Trip Bonanza!


The NT05’s were perfect for the purpose of the car. I just set the tires to 35 PSI, did not touch anything else, and just drove the wheels off of it. Sure, I could have maximized the performance potential by taking tire temps and pressures to make adjustments, but this application is the perfect example for those who just want to get out there, turn laps and learn a track. The NT05’s held up perfectly for the task, proven even more so in that they didn’t lose any speed, lap after lap. I request everyone to slow clap now. Thank you.

The trip back to Indiana from California was epic to say the least. The car performed flawlessly, A/C, radio, cruise control, I felt like a rich guy from the 1950s. The Nitto NT05s were the ideal tire for the job. Driving back on Route 60, the car carved up the desolate roads and felt completely confident rain or shine. The Exedy clutch was easy to drive through the traffic of Los Angeles and Phoenix, with the lightened flywheel provided just a little extra bit of zip when blipping under braking and felt almost stock when accelerating from a standstill. Austin was amazed at how well the Lotus seats felt during his trip out. I’d have to agree; it was tight quarters, but the seats were surprisingly comfortable. My new complaint? She’s noisy on the interstate. Luckily, this country is surprisingly relaxed on headphone laws, which helped a ton.


What’s a road trip without pictures? I initially drove from Buttonwillow to LA, stopping by the Pacific to soak in the SoCal sun and ocean breeze before heading east to Phoenix.
Once in Arizona, the landscape changed dramatically. I’d never been in this part of the country, and I kept stopping every few minutes to take in the views and marvel at the landscape. From Arizona through New Mexico I stayed on Route 60.
The roads had very little traffic and were full of twists and turns through canyons…
… and then mile long straight aways- perfect when you have 90hp on tap!

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