Project Nissan S13 Silvia – The Great Bumper Fire of ’04


Track day’s over, but now I have a car show. The track day was just the opening act of the three-day Mt. Shasta festival of Datsun madness. Now there’s a two hour drive through a swarm of Highway Patrol, followed by car shows, autocrosses, and non-stop Nissan/Datsun geekery. I can’t show up with my bumper looking like the inside of Blanche Deveraux’s colon, so I hit the hardware store and buy one can of expanding spray foam insulation, one bucket of spackle, a hacksaw blade, a sanding fence, and a can of flat black spray paint.

Easy 5-step Instant bumper repair procedure (good until it rains…)

Step 1: Cut away any bumper scabs that stick out past the original body line.

Step 2: Fill cavernous voids with expanding spray foam (also useful as revenge-based exhaust backpressure enhancing foam.)

Step 3: Contain foam with paper towels and duct tape while curing.

Step 4: Use standard drywall repair process to spackle to roughly original shape.

Step 5: Sand and reapply flat-black attiude-in-a-can.


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