Project Nissan S13 Silvia – The Great Bumper Fire of ’04


All of this, of course, is just a long explanation for the apparent piece of rice on my bumper. Passenger number one works at B&R Auto Wrecking in Corvallis, Oregon, Passenger number two has a plasma cutter, a welder, and mad skillz, yo. So one short week after the spackle dried, we rippled the makeshift patch back off, replaced the bumper and taillight, and had the whole thing repaired and freshly decorated in stainless steel.

It isn’t rice if it has a prupose. Preventing a bumper fire isn’t a believable purpose, but preventing ANOTHER bumper fire is.

Easy 5-step Permanent Bumper Repair Procedure (*note: must know people with actual skills.)

Step 1: Remove melted bumper.

Step 2: Useing OSHA-approved shorts and crew socks, use a plasma cutter to fashion a stainless steel bumper plate for the heat sheild’s outer surface.

Step 3: Test fit plate to freshly-blackened junkyard bumper to ensure proper fitment and mock up the inner sheld using an old paper plate.

Step 4: After cutting the inner plate, use a hammer and something round to convince the inner plate to match the bumper’s contour.

Step 5: Weld the two plates together, drill, and insall with pop-rivet gun. 


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