Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 5; Lessons in Geometry


Nissan Spec-V rear hubs 5 lug conversion

The rear hubs were not so simple.  The stock rear hub material is thin in areas where there is no stud so we could not redrill the stock hub.  Instead we used hubs from a 1995-1999 Maxima. 

Sentra Spec-V 5 lug hub adaptor
These hubs have a larger bearing so Technosquare had to make some adaptor sleeves on a lathe to fit over the stock axle stubs.  Using the sleeves, installing the beefier hubs is a simple bolt on matter. Next we pressed out the short stock Maxima studs and pressed in the longer racing ARP studs.

Machining Sentra 5 lug adapter

Now we can have quite a choice of different high quality wheels in the proper size as well as have a more sturdy connection between the wheel and hub.  We chose the lightweight and strong Volk TE37 from an RSX Type S fitment.  We will discuss the wheels later.

The Nissan Sentra Spec-V is a pretty decent handling car but the suspension is plagued with problems due to its econobox heritage when the car is pushed to the limit.  Since our car is a serious maximum effort to build the fastest track going Sentra ever, we will now have to get into seriously re-engineering the suspension geometry to try to make up for the cars inherent short comings.



  1. Really well done Project, which size of spherical bearing do you use for LCA and Steering linkage?

  2. Original Spec V owner here. I still love this car, too bad you kicked it to the curb Mike 🙂 Any chance you might pick up where you left off on the B15 platform?

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