Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 5; Lessons in Geometry


b15 sentra lower control arm brace
We fixed this by building a brace that ties the front mounting point of the lower control arms to the engine crossmember.  This makes things much more solid.

B15 Sentra Lower crossmember bushings
Since the lower engine crossmember is mounted in rubber, we replaced the rubber bushings with some made of solid aluminum to lock in things positively.  We also machined delrin plastic bushing to replace the soft rubber bushings  holding the steering rack in place to further reduce flex.

kw front reservoir mounts
Up on top a removable aluminum brace was fabricated to tie the upper shock towers together so that flex could be greatly reduced up top as well.  At this time we also mounted the remote reservoirs of our KW coilover shocks to the firewall where they could easily be reached in a pit stop for fast adjustment.

kw rear remote reservoir mount
We mounted our rear reservoirs just inside of our swaybar mounts for easy pit access as well.

These mods are very difficult and require a lot of engineering, machining and fabrication to get right but they should give us a huge edge over less knowledgeable tuners who have less of an understanding of how suspension works.  It also puts us at less of a disadvantage to the Honda’s.  The Honda’s still have the edge because you can only polish a turd so much but its the entire package of the turd that counts at the checkered flag.  Hopefully we will have enough tricks to make this all something competitive.  Stay tuned!



KW Suspension

Volk Wheels

Nitto Tire

Jim Wolf Technology

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  1. Really well done Project, which size of spherical bearing do you use for LCA and Steering linkage?

  2. Original Spec V owner here. I still love this car, too bad you kicked it to the curb Mike 🙂 Any chance you might pick up where you left off on the B15 platform?

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