Project NSX: Part 16 – Dry Ice Blasting Restoration


NSX engine Before Dry Ice Blasting, our NSX had the normal road grime for a 30-year-old car.


NSX engine after dry ice blastingAfter Dry Ice Blasting, the engine bay pops with significantly more visible aluminum.  The crossmembers, subframe, and exhaust are much brighter with the removal of all of the dirt.

NSX front subframeThe front of the car was relatively ‘gunk’-free, but stained with buildup from over 3-decades of driving.

NSX front subframe dry ice blastedOnce Dry Ice Blasted, the aluminum was restored to its former glory, and every nook and cranny was cleaned out and visibly brighter.

NSX underbody floorThe center tunnel plastic under tray was stained from an old coolant leak and dull in color.  The rear shift cable bracket that goes under the fuel tank (far right of picture) was black with grime.

NSX underbody floor Dry Ice BlastedThe Dry Ice Blasting gave the center tunnel plastics a much darker, natural look to it, while brightening up the floor of the car and exposing the aluminum rear shift cable bracket.


    1. Oh for sure! Our Project FD RX-7 was a gunk-filled mess. Now it’s so nice to work on what’s essentially a brand new car. The only downside is that you won’t want to work on another car that isn’t blasted! haha.

  1. “Once you go ice, nothing is as nice.”

    To this startlingly bit of wisdom, I can only add…’yup, yup.’

  2. Will it remove surface rust? Just typical red blemishes and such, superficial at best. This sounds like a much better way to handle undercarriage paint prep… At least in my case. I hate having to use wire brushes and such.

    1. Dry Ice Blasting is a game-changer. Check out the more detailed article on the process for Project FD RX-7. The aggressiveness will depend on the settings and experience of the technician. It can remove undercoating or it can be gentile enough to not remove it. I just blasted a lightly corroded and gummed up aluminum differential and it’s perfectly clean and ready for paint prep.

  3. Would love to know the total weight of the gunk that came off. Can we get before and after weights the next time?

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