Project NSX: Part 20 – Antigravity Lithium Battery and CTEK Charger

AntiGravity Lithium Battery Group 35 NSXWhen it comes to weight reduction, it’s difficult to beat the cost-to-benefit ratio of a lithium battery.  We replaced our NSX’s heavy AGM battery with Antigravity’s drop-in Group-35/Q85 lithium battery and keep it in top form with the CTEK lithium charger.

Reducing weight in a car is almost always a good thing.  Enthusiasts often have no problem spending thousands of dollars on carbon fiber hoods, lightweight seats, or titanium exhausts.  While these options often accomplish that goal, they come at the expense of making a car more of a ‘racecar for the street’. To many, this is not a problem, but when it comes to bang-for-your-buck weight reduction, a lightweight battery is often a far better solution with additional benefits and no drawbacks.

AntiGravity Batteries is an industry-leader in providing aftermarket lithium-ion batteries to the automotive, motorcycle, powersports, and motorsports industries.

AntiGravity Group-35/Q85 Lithium Battery Built-in Jump StartAntiGravity Batteries are revolutionizing the industry with proven, reliable, “intelligent” lithium-ion batteries.  Since our NSX is a daily driver and there is plenty of room in the factory location for the battery, it made the most sense to use AntiGravity’s Group-35/Q85 Lithium Car Battery.

This battery has an insane 1,500 Cranking Amps, 40 Ah (amp-hours) capacity, wireless Jump-starting with a Keyfob remote, push-button jumpstarting via a button on the battery; all while weighing in at 13.6lbs.

The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects the battery from over-charging and discharging in additional to thermal protections which make AntiGravity batteries some of the safest and longest life-cycle lithium-ion batteries in the market.  We are pairing this battery with CTEK’s Lithium-Ion charger for when the car sits for long periods of time when we do the next major mods.

AntiGravity Group-35/Q85 Lithium BatteryOn top of the battery we can see the positive and negative terminals, the built-in handle that folds out of the way, and on the lower left of the battery sits the push-button jump starter.

AntiGravity Re-Start Jump Start technology Lithium BatteryThe built-in electronics will prevent the battery from going dead and damaging the battery, while keeping reserve power to be able to jump start itself in conditions that would otherwise leave you stranded.  This push-button jump starter is an amazing, convenient feature that makes Antigravity batteries a must for cars that are not always driven frequently or on a battery charger religiously.


  1. Carbon fiber hoods, lightweight seats, and titanium exhausts all provide functions other than just being lighter. That makes it easier to justify than battery that provides only one function. And while 35lb for $650+ is actually a pretty decent deal when you get to really cutting weight in a car, its still hard to justify in whats commonly still mostly a full-ish weight street car. In a race/track car where dropping weight is a big priority, a lithium battery is definitely low hanging fruit.

    Bigger thing is lithium batteries cause weird issues in lots of modern cars. People don’t wanna risk it and then be stuck with a $650+ lightweight paperweight.

    1. What problems are people having with lithium car batteries? I’ve had mine for nearly five years and it’s running like a champ. (1) Weight loss, (2) lifespan, (3) slow discharge and (4) built in jump starter. How many additional functions does a carbon fiber hood have? Especially a non vented one.

      1. car throws codes and/or electronics start glitching. the older the car is the less likely it is to have any issues…

        venting/aero is one, looking cool is another…

        for the record I’m not telling anyone not to get a lithium battery. just the article was like “why do people get this stuff over a lithium battery”, so I gave some reasons

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          Ok, I didn’t take that from the article, bit maybe I missed something or just read it differently. I honestly think carbon fiber looks tacky anymore and prefer it painted. Like sport bikes in the 80s that left the aluminum raw so people could see they had an aluminum frame. Once everybody had that they started painting the frames again. Let’s not even get into the fit and finish on most aftermarket carbon parts. Hood venting can be done far cheaper retaining the factory hood and adding in vents from Verus, singular, etc.

          I honestly have not seen anything on glitches from lithium batteries. I have seen check engine lights after replacing a battery that the car didn’t recognize immediately. But if the lithium battery has a proper management system as the antigravity does, this shouldn’t be an issue. The fact that Porsche offers lithium batteries as an upgrade for some of their cars kinda reinforces how good of an upgrade those is.

          Certainly, here’s a more concise version of the text you provided:

          “I didn’t take that from the article, but perhaps I misunderstood or read it differently. Personally, I find carbon fiber looks tacky now and prefer it painted, similar to sport bikes in the 80s that showcased aluminum frames. Once everyone had them, they started painting the frames again. Aftermarket carbon parts often lack good fit and finish. Hood venting can be achieved more affordably by retaining the factory hood and adding vents from brands like Verus or Singular.

          Regarding glitches from lithium batteries, I haven’t personally witnessed any. I have, however, seen check engine lights come on after replacing a battery that the car didn’t recognize immediately. But if the lithium battery has a proper management system, like the antigravity does, this shouldn’t be an issue. The fact that Porsche offers lithium batteries as an upgrade for some of their cars reinforces how good of an upgrade they are.

    2. Im running one of the antigravity battery on my 2020 sti
      on a day of 105-110 F the battery overheat and don’t crank until it cools down .
      Happens to me couples times while I’m cruising park the car and want to turn it back on .
      Battery won’t hold charge for more than 4 days I’m guessing that is one of the reason they keep it charging .
      After spending $650 for the set up , I’m still thinking if it was the right decision .

      1. You have a current drain somewhere in your cars electrical system that’s overtaxing the charging system and battery. Dash cam, stereo, short, etc. was changed most likely. Also, have you swapped batteries to see if the problem still exists?

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