Project R35 GT-R, Saving Weight With a Greddy Titanium Exhaust System!
The Mid Pipe of the Supreme Ti exhaust is superbly crafted from the same hand formed 94mm Ti tubing.  Look at the elaborate sectioning of the rear portion of the pipe!
A close-up view of the rear section of the mid pipe shows how pie cuts were needed to fit a full diameter bend into a tight place.  Greddy’s gorgeous TIG welds are a work of art.
Greddy’s main muffler is full of awesome construction details. Everything in the exhausts rear section is constructed of titanium from the muffler bodies to the hangers!
The pie cut fabrication method is extended to the muffler section.  You can see how all of the exhausts junctures are lightweight and quick releasing V-band style instead of the traditional bolted flanges.
The 80mm tailpipes feed into 120mm titanium tips with a burnt end finish.  The complete Greddy exhaust weighs a feathery 27.4 lbs on our scale!


  1. It’s running the front cats. Most of the weight reduction is still coming from the material selection.

  2. It would be cool to see GReddy come out with a side-pipe kit for the GTR, where the exhaust comes out right behind the front wheels. That would save more weight, and require less material. I imagine the sound in the cabin would be brutal.

    1. It’s pretty technically impossible to do on a street car, it would involve cutting holes in the unibody.

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