Project Racer Part 11: Grip Addiction; We Install Progress Sway Bars


As a final bit of Progress goodness, we installed their front sub-frame brace. A new product from The Progress Group, we were eager to get our hands on one when they first came out.


Project Racer Part 11: Grip Addiction; We Install Progress Sway Bars
On a B13 chassis this lower brace by Progress makes a huge difference because of the weak forward mounting points of the lower control arm.  The Spherical bearings allow the bar to be adjusted to fit the lower control arm mounts exactly despite production variance from car to car.  Unlike other braces like Nismo and Cusco that only tie the lower control arm mounts together, the Progress brace bolts solidly to the front crossmember

On a B13, the lower front lower control arm mounting points hang out in space with little support from the chassis structure. This makes for a lot of flex which reduces road holding capability due to it screwing up chassis geometry. The Progress brace ties the opposing control arm mounting points together with the front crossmember. The brace greatly reduces chassis flex and increases rigidity. Spherical bearings on the adjustable end links made for a perfect fit – no fudging required here! Locked into place with the cross member, the NX was noticeably stiffer as we took it around for a few laps on the track. We were absolutely impressed.

With the new upgrades from The Progress Group, we were able to temporarily satisfy our addiction. But as you should know by now, we were no where near being done quite yet.

Well used KYB AGX’s and a pieced together ground control coil over conversion kit out of the MotoIQ junk bin were well beyond the end of their already used lives. We had bigger and badder plans….

Until then, see you next month!


The Progress Group

Jim Wolf Technology

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