Project [Rotary] FD RX-7: Part 3 – Fuel System (Chassis Side)


At this point a total of ten tube assemblies have been fabricated and the fuel system is ready for final assembly.

The Radium FST and its medusa head of tubes is a sight to behold that will be sure to confuse many people at local cars and coffee meets.

Creating the tube assemblies is significantly more difficult than assembling everything with braided hose, but tubing is less expensive (once the tools are purchased), looks exponentially better, and eliminates the chance of fuel vapor permeating through the hose which can make the car smell like a gas can.


Another shot of the rear hatch area of the RX-7 with the fuel system completed.

Picture from under the car looking up at the bulkhead fittings that go to and from the fuel surge tank. This is the only under chassis shot that was possible with the car just 15″ off the ground.

A few notes in closing…

– Each fuel pump will be wired on individual relays in an upcoming wiring and engine management article.
– All in-cabin fuel components are placed so that (if needed) an enclosure can be fabricated for them.
– For a fuel system with this many connections, extreme caution must be exercised on first startup. 

Be sure to check back for the next update of Project [Rotary] FD RX-7 when we unveil and install the turbo setup.



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